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Squat til you puke, no pain no gain, sore not sorry the only bad workout you had was the one you didn't do.

Sounds awful, right?

Certainly does to me. I've been training for way to long to want any of this, yet my current results are at their best ever.

A lot of training promoted right now is so savage it is likely putting people off before they starts.

If I thought I had to train this hard to look good i would look like a jellyfish.

Whilst training "intensity" is an important element it might not be in the way you think.

So, let's get into it.

Resistance training

Focus on conventional resistance training first and foremost with good "set" intensity. This simply means use medium heavy/heavy weights and suitable rest time.
Some circuits and HIIT can be useful but they aren't essential if your calories are right and your lifting weight.

Cardio for fat loss is overrated instead focus on cardio for health and fitness.

Overall your training is there to build, whether it be strength, muscle, definition or to build endurance.
Let the calorie balance handle fat loss.

Have fun

I like boxing and cycling so my cardio is done using these tools exclusively.

I quite enjoy weight training so I do 3-4 45min sessions a week.

What training do you enjoy?

Find types of training you enjoy and perform them at an intensity that is productive but not off putting.

Make it sustainable

Progress does take time, there is not doubt about it.

How would you like your exercise schedule to look in 5 or 10 years time?

If you don't overdo the hours in the gym each week and focus on your energy balance I guarantee long term, enviable progress will be yours to keep.

No more start stop plans, no more getting burned out

Just results every week and exercise you can look forward to.