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Thank you for scheduling your call with us! 

In the time between now and your call if you can work through all of the content of this page so learn who we are and what we do. 

Who Am I? 

My name is David Kingsbury and I am a gym owner, film PT online coach and fitness geek. I am married with 2 kids (6&2) and we live in Buckinghamshire England. 

I am best known for my work in the film industry helping actors get into unreal shape for their film roles using an approach that is dramatic and sustainable. 

People believe actors have all the time in the world to get in shape, which is far from the truth and the exact same time efficient strategies I have used with dozens of Hollywood’s top actors I use with all of my online coaching clients. Luckily for most of us we can find the time for 3-4 hours in the gym per week to get results, (on some films I have to do 2x30min or even 3x20min per day if stuck on the set all) the good news is that is all you need! 

My Results 

My reputation is built on my results and I am selective about who I work with. I have turned down huge film contracts when I have felt the individual isn’t ready or if not enough time has been given. 

My online clients are my biggest advert as they have my systems and support but some I have never even met in person! 

“The biggest surprise to me was how little I actually had to train and how good the food recipes were.”


“David, you’re literally THE BEST! Thank You so much for your EXPERT guidance through my MOVIE PREP and BEYOND! Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you. We’re just getting STARTED!”


“I used to see myself as overweight. 30. Depressed. Not happy with how I looked. I needed to do something. I now have to do a double take as I get used to my six-pack.”


My System 

My system focuses on having the right foundation for success. I’m far from the toughest trainer out there. I focus on quality over quantity, smart systems over beastings and starvation. 

The result is progress for life. 

What you can expect

Discover how our program works when speaking to the team and learn exactly what it will take for you to succeed this time. 

A few important notes before the call 

1. I do not allow reschedules because commitment is the first step to being successful.

2. If you’re more than 5-mins late the call will be cancelled. Please make sure you’re in a quiet room, no airports, no calls in the gym or while driving, etc.

3. Please watch the videos above before your call. This will make our conversation more productive and make sure you get the best possible outcome.

4. We will be calling from a phone, so make sure to have your phone at hand

I look forward to helping you crush it!

– David


Working Out

Transform offers bodyweight training, band training, dumbbell training and full gym training.


This is a one-time payment, so no worry about monthly app fees.


For full commitment, plan to work out at least 3-4 times a week. This is a structured program and best efforts will yield the best results.

Fitness Levels

Super8 works for all abilities, fitness levels, and goals. Like any weight loss and fitness program, what we put in is what we get out. Commitment matters!


Super8 can be used with any dietary guidelines as long as the macronutrients and calories are sustained. Vegetarians and vegans can find plant-based protein within their choices. Just be sure your  dietary choices give your body what it needs based on the Super8 program. If your understanding of plant-based foods is limited, your body may be missing out on necessary nutrients to meet your goals.

David's program

David Kingsbury built Transform from the ground up with the goal of having clients all over the world receive his specialized training.  David works all over the world for his personal clients and is always available for one-on-one training at one of his gyms. Just reach out for custom online or personal training.