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How it works

Every plan provided can and will support goals in both muscle gain and fat loss. The key difference being a matter of calories

If you are new to training or haven’t done much heavy training before then the intermediate plans is where you should start. This will keep you making progress if you apply the overload principles for at least 6-12 weeks. I would then suggest moving onto the hype routine for an introduction to some heavier lifts.

If you have a lot of training experiences then feel free to cycle between the strength and hype plans, you can also use the intermediate plan as an introduction plan. As ultimately this plan will be very effective for you for muscle gain with the right intensity.

How long should a phase last?

Ideally each phase should be repeated for at least 6 weeks before moving onto the next, this gives you time to progress with your lifts and gives the opportunity to get stronger.
The aim is to not chop and change through the plans but instead to make improvements each week on the same plan.