Build Muscle & Torch Fat With Transform

Be a Super You in 12 Weeks

Train like Hollywood’s Super Heroes  with celebrity trainer David Kingsbury and his 12 week training and calculated nutrition program.

Who do Hollywood studios trust to get their actors in superhero shape?

Me, that’s who!

I’m the man behind some of the best bodies in the biggest films of the past decades, helping celebrities in films like The Wolverine, X-Men and Thor Ragnarok. 

But your life isn’t the Hollywood life. You’re everyday men. Men with lives, jobs, and families. Right? 

What do you do when all those roles you play get in the way of your overall health and fitness?

You step up, you put the work in and you start your transformation today following the same techniques used to help thousands of men around the world!


Real dads. Real dudes. Unreal Results in 12 weeks.


Drop fat and build muscle WITHOUT fancy kit with my ultimate training and nutrition bundle

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Hollywood A-lister in a 100 Million Dollar movie or a father of 2 beautiful daughters who works as a taxi driver. Getting in shape takes time, quality workouts, dedication, smart nutrition, and at least 8 weeks.

With Transform you get instant access to:

– Full training database 

  • Monthly progressive bodyweight training program

– Monthly progressive band training program

– Monthly progressive dumbbell training program

  • Monthly progressive gym workout plan

– Simple calculated recipes

– Calculated meal plans with calculated macros

– Cardio strategy, ab training & more


No second guessing. No doubting. No compromising


12 Weeks Training

Feel progress from day 1 with 12 Weeks of progressive training delivered  with phases of training PDFs . Workouts for bodyweight, band, dumbbell and full home gym training. 


Feel confident and focussed with the exclusive video coaching series. We will make sure you have everything you need to be successful this time.


Results drive our motivation and the progressive training will keep you on track through the whole program and beyond. Track and monitor your physical progress to see the amazing results and keep inspired!


Take the guesswork out of progress with goal based calorie calculating with recipes set for your exact needs.



Feel confident performing every exercise with detailed video demonstrations of every movement



I want to reassure you that you can get amazing results from home! You don’t need fancy kit or expensive supplements, you just need simple and highly effective plan!

Some of my film projects


Get started today

only £37

one time payment

100% Money Back Guarantee

Transform contains all of my most advanced training techniques delivered in an easy to use app format. If you don’t find it helpful you can request your money back. No questions asked.


Working Out

Transform offers bodyweight training, band training, dumbbell training and full gym training.


This is a one-time payment, so no worry about monthly app fees.


For full commitment, plan to work out at least 3-4 times a week. This is a structured program and best efforts will yield the best results.


Available to download for apple and android. You will be directed to download and set up right after purchase.

Fitness Levels

Define9 works for all abilities, fitness levels, and goals. Like any weight loss and fitness program, what we put in is what we get out. Commitment matters!


Define9 can be used with any dietary guidelines as long as the macronutrients and calories are sustained. Vegetarians and vegans can find plant-based protein within their choices. Just be sure your  dietary choices give your body what it needs based on the Define9 program. If your understanding of plant-based foods is limited, your body may be missing out on necessary nutrients to meet your goals.

David's program

David Kingsbury built Define9 from the ground up with the goal of having clients all over the world receive his specialized training. Since it’s an app-based program, videos are pre-recorded. David works all over the world for his personal clients and is always available for one-on-one training at one of his gyms. Just reach out for custom online or personal training.