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Our Results System

We create the physical and mental pathways to allow you to live the best years of your life at your best, with more energy, enthusiasm, drive confidence and focus. We use our step by step 30 day habit forming program to get you there. People say results don’t happen overnight, but small daily changes add up to huge outcomes. 



We use daily habits and coaching within our 30 day app to build the foundation for change. This foundation revolves around positive hormone function with the focus on optimising testosterone, cortisol, insulin, serotonin and leptin/grehlin. These will impact how you feel, how you respond and your level of focus. We create these changes with nutrition, training, habits and supplementation. 



Our habits determine who we are. Our 30 day process allows us to build habits so we no longer need to rely on motivation. They allow us to focus on becoming the person we want to be. We don’t focus on goals, but instead systems. Goals don’t lead to action or change, but habits and systems do. Imagine finding training part or ritual, or healthy eating a thoughtless act and organisation and discipline part of your nature. This is the foundation we teach.



The 30 days is set out to lead you through each step in a clear and concise way. We set daily tasks, challenges and structure so you can’t fail. The 30 day structure also provides the systems and education to continue on this journey for life. The key areas we focus are managing stress and sleep, optimising hormone function and creating effective and efficient training and nutrition practices. 



And the best part? You don’t have to go at it alone. We have an amazing community of people focussed on a common goal and you get dedicated group coaching within the group. This side is crucial for the motivation to get started and the accountability to create long lasting positive change.