Useful Tips & FAQs

Selecting Training
Choose the program most suitable for what you have. If you don’t have heavy dumbbells choose the band workout, this will be a lot more effective
If you don’t have bands, invest in some, they are very cheap and amazingly effective.
If you struggle with any movements don’t do them. Ask for help in the group.
If you have an injury, are unsure of form or need to change anything. Ask in the group.
Start steady and build. Consistency is key.
Here are the links for access
1) Full Gym Training
2) Dumbbell Training
3) Band Training
Downloading the APP
Main meal macros


Each meal has the same calorie and macro breakdown, so you can eat any meal for any meal.


These are either 300 cals or 400 cals depending on the breakdown of calories. The training day snack is to be used on resistance training days.

Training day: 50c/35p/15f

Non Training Day: 15c/40p/45f

You have one snack per day.

Food Weight

Food weight is listed as raw weight unless stated otherwise.

How is are the recipes made

We use advanced nutrition software to create and balance every recipe. The different methods of calculating meals (myfitnesspal etc) will yield varied results based on the ingredients you select. There are a lot of inaccurate foods in these programs so it is incredibly easy to select the wrong one and get the wrong numbers. If you are eating the recipes there is no need to build these directly yourself.

Food Timing

We all have different lifestyle, working hours and preferences. It is therefore difficult and ineffective to set generic eating times.

Luckily the time we eat has a lot less impact than most people think.

The key is getting the right amount of food in each day.

My only suggestions would be to not eat too late at night as it may affect the quality of your sleep. I would also generally recommend you that you eat within a few hours of exercise.

If you have the carb snack on your menu I would suggest you have this post workout, this snack is the perfect balance for post workout recovery. 

Food Prep

Whilst I wholeheartedly believe food doesn’t have to be boring. I also acknowledge and promote that organisation is key.

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail. 

You need to be organised to get the most out of this plan. If you don’t stay on top of your menu you will be relying on luck to bring the calories in correctly every day.


  • Multiply the meal quantities for the number of meals/days you are preparing for and cook enough of the food for this. Then divide the food out for the numbers of meals you have prepared for.
  • Bulk buy to save money and time
  • Freeze to keep life expectancy, berries etc 
Eating Out

As part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle eating out and eating socially is important. I don’t suggest your sacrifice all social scenarios as this will make the plan impossible to follow long term.

Top tips for eating out

Calories and king. Make sure you still get your daily calories correct for the day. You can do this by choosing the smart choice on the restaurant menu so the meal you have is equal calories to the meal on your plan.

If you know you will be overindulging you can adapt your menu to fit it in. You could skip a meal that day for example. The key is to still hit the correct calories that day. 

Try not to overindulge and select multiple courses and deserts. 

Be fussy. When eating out the kitchen will be able to adapt their menu to suit your needs. If this means asking them to swap chips for green veg then do it.

Just be aware of how many calories you are consuming in your meal as you can easily sabotage a week of training and healthy eating with a day or two of bad food choices and calorie surplus.