The DK Method Transformation Plan

Be a Super You in 8 Weeks 

Train like Hollywood’s Super Heroes with celebrity trainer David Kingsbury and his 8 week online transformation coaching method.

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Who do Hollywood studios trust to get their actors in superhero shape?

Us, that’s who!

We are the team behind some of the best bodies in the biggest films of the past decades, helping celebrities in films like The Wolverine, X-Men and Thor Ragnarok. 

But your life isn’t the Hollywood life. You’re everyday men. Men with lives, jobs, and families. Right? 

What do you do when all those roles you play get in the way of your overall health and fitness?

How do you recover when you are struggling with motivation, struggling to see changes, struggling to fit it all in? 

You start your transformation today following the same techniques used to help thousands of men around the world!


Be in the best shape for the best years of your life.

Super8 can get you to your goals FROM HOME in a short 8-week program.
Start this summer off feeling great and looking amazing.

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Drop fat and build muscle WITHOUT fancy kit with my ultimate training and nutrition bundle

Drop fat and build muscle WITHOUT hours in the gym every day with my ultimate training and nutrition 1-2-1 online coaching. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Hollywood A-lister in a 100 Million Dollar movie or a father of 2 beautiful daughters who works 70 hours on zoom. Getting in shape takes time, quality workouts, dedication, smart nutrition, and at least 8 weeks.

With the DK Method, you’ll get:

– Fully custom progressive training programs

– Tailored and calculated recipes

– Calculated meal plans with calculated macros

–1-2-1 online coaching to keep you on track 

– Unlimited support from a dedicated coach

– The best results of your life that last. 

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No second guessing. No doubting. No compromising


8 Weeks Training

Feel progress from day 1 with 8 Weeks of progressive training delivered in our custom app. Workouts designed around you, your goals, your time, your ability and available equipment. 


Feel confident and focussed every day with dedicated 1-2-1 support to keep you on track. We will make sure you have everything you need to be successful this time.


See changes with workout and nutrition tracking in the app to keep motivated and improving plus track your physical progress to see the amazing results!


Take the guesswork out of progress with goal based calorie calculating with recipes set for your exact needs. Plus full nutritional coaching from your 1-2-1 coach to make managing nutrition easy. 



Feel confident performing every exercise with detailed video demonstrations of every movement and from video uploads and support to make sure you are doing it right. 



I want to reassure you that you can get amazing results without hours the gym or drastic diets that don’t suit family life! You don’t need fancy kit or expensive supplements, you just a need simple and highly effective plan!

Some of my film projects


DK Method has all the tools you need


8 weeks of progressive training built by us for you, amazing results without the need for stack of kit or hours in the gym each day. Simple steps in concise exercises that leave no room for excuses. You’ll know exactly what, when, and how much to lift every session!


Discover exactly what you need to eat and when you need to eat it. We coach nutrition in ways which work for everyone, even if you have struggled with diot before. You’ll know exactly what foods your body needs to succeed!


From coaching calls, exercise videos to coaching support groups, We will be with you every step of the way. With the structure for success, you’ll start with a clear direction and go forward with confidence every day.

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We offer a range of solutions based on support needed. We will be more than happy to see if we can help. 


8 Weeks is enough time to see amazing results and build life changing positive habits. 


The value of this experience is the amazing results you see from the 1-2-1 coaching and support. The custom training & nutrition program itself is delivered in a simple and easy to use app

Fitness Levels

We cater for all abilities, from new to training to Hollywood heroes.


For most guys nutrition can be the hardest part. We make it easy, so you can still live you life, eat with your family and get incredible results. 

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