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Personal Trainer David Kingsbury and Chef Mike Johnstone talk cooking, nutrition and health.


What is Superhero Kitchen?

Personal Trainer David Kingsbury and Chef Mike Johnstone talk cooking, nutrition and health. With Clients from Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, David and Mikey are well established in looking after top celebrities for varied and demanding film roles. Here we will share our favourite recipes that we use in our plans, so you can cook them for yourselves.

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The Sexiest, Healthy Food The World Has Ever Seen

You might not think that food can be both sexy and healthy, but anyone who has seen a plate of fast food and been succumbed into submission by the feast of beige that awaits them would disagree. The fact is, we are more aware of the food we put into our bodies than ever before. If you think that healthy food can only be bland, uninspiring food, lacking in taste, flavour or even sex appeal, then I'm here to show you that you're the nicest possible way.

Let's face it, life itself isn't bland, so why should your food be? It may not always be a rollercoaster of excitement, but life is a mixture of colour and vibrancy, so your plate should be too. Whether you're working on a custom food plan or working on a specific nutritional plan to build muscle, then the fuel you take in has to serve a purpose. It has to support your training goals, whether you want to go for muscle gain or fat loss. To get yourself in the best shape of your life, you need to eat the best food you've ever had.

Whether you're a full-on carnivore or a vegan and proud, food can always be made healthy and, at times, even sexy. We're not talking 91/2 weeks fridge-feasts (ask your parents), but food that looks as good as it tastes will get you feeling and looking better than ever.

It's fair to say that adhering to a diet that is both healthy and sexy will take a little more effort. It's also true that your idea of sexy won't necessarily be the same as mine, or someone else's for that matter. When I talk about sexy food, I'm talking about food that excites you, food that makes you feel as good making it, as well as eating it. I'm also talking about food that you might not have considered before. Ingredients that may be hiding at the back of your cupboard, or those that you usually walk straight past in the supermarket.

Whatever food you're eating as part of your diet, whether it's aimed at building muscle or fighting fat, it has to be sustainable. No-one wants to eat the same food over and over again. It might be good for you physically, but you'll eventually get sick of it and begin to resent it. So, what else can you try?

Food at it's best is tasty and flavoursome. One great way to add spice to your meal is to, well, add spice to your meal. Using a selection of herbs and spices is a great way to inject some flavour into your chicken or even give your fish a taste worth catching. Spices are relatively cheap and a little goes a long way. There are some many to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice and can mix and match them to suit your tastes.

If dry spices aren't your thing, then using things like flavoured oils or low sodium soy sauce are both great ways of giving almost everything a tasty twist. They can be added to your salads, used for marinading white or red meat and can even be used on your vegetables. If you used things like fruit-based vinaigrettes, then they are also a great way of adding flavours to almost anything.

For those of you who are eating their own bodyweight in spinach and other green vegetables, then adding fruit to them might seem like a strange combination, but it really works. If you haven't tried them already, then try adding some mandarin oranges, raspberries or even pineapple to your meal and you'll be converted forever and your taste buds will be delighted

Too many people talk about food being either 'good' or 'bad'. The fact is food, in whatever forms it takes, boils down (pardon the pun) to macronutrients; protein, fat and carbohydrate. Obviously some food is higher in one area than another, but ultimately it's all fuel for us. If we can make the fuel as healthy and yes sexy as possible, then it will power us on to bigger, better and tastier things.