I pride myself on trying to help as many people as possible achieve their goals. For me it isn't about celebrity and high profile clients,
it's much more about determination and dedication to achieve results, no matter who you are.

This is Ursula's Story

Ursula Progress pics

What was the main driving force for you to take action and sign up for Beyond?
I wanted structure and increased results within my fitness journey and knew that David’s programs delivered this.

Tell us about your health and fitness before taking the first step towards the Beyond Plan.
I struggled with weight issues most of my life but after seeing photos of myself at a family wedding I vowed that I would change my attitude towards food and my body. I started to eat nutritious balanced meals and lost weight but after plateauing I decided I need some new to focus on.

Most of us lead busy and sometimes stressful lives, how was your mental well being prior to starting Beyond?
I stuffer with PCOs which can led to anxiety. A balanced healthy diet and exercise I’ve realised helps this massively.

Why did you specifically choose to train with David and teamkingsbury?
 I knew David got results and I liked how his program was simple, shaped around you but effective.

Before starting Beyond what was your biggest challenge stopping you from achieving your fitness goals?  
Having some structure in the gym and being consistent with training.

What positive surprises did you find during your programme?
How easy it was to follow with David on hand for any questions throughout.

During the transformation stage where was the point when you could really start to feel and see the changes?
I would say I started to feel great very quickly even one week in but changes to my body became really noticeable after week 4.

My journey will just continue for as long as I am here. Where it brings me I don’t know but I appreciate my body now and know that if I take care of it with fuel, exercise and rest that my life is better because of it.

What was it that kept you motivated and focused throughout the process?
Both the end goal and the way my body was feeling throughout.

What did family and friends notice about you during your transformation?
Besides the obvious body changes they noticed the energy I had, the decrease in my anxiety and my happiness levels in general.

Thinking back to when you finished your programme and hit your goal how were you feeling at that moment in time?
I felt amazing both with confidence in what my body was now but determination on continuing to feel as good as I did and continue to improve.

What was the most interesting or surprising thing you felt about the programme?
I was surprised by how determined I was to continue and how little I craved the foods and rest that I thought I would.

What would you say to anyone that’s thinking about signing up to Beyond but is still sitting on the fence?
Don’t underestimated yourself.

How would you sum up your emotional and physical well being now you have completed the programme?
I am a new happy person.

How likely are you to recommend  to friend and why?
 I would 100% recommend to a friend because it is a simple, results driven program with support every step of the way.

Think back to your journey, whats the biggest breakthrough moment?
 I think when I could buy a dress which I would never of bought previously and actually liked how I felt.

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£ 125Per Month
  • Fully custom training plan by David
  •  Unlimited Email support from David
  • Custom meal plan and macros, amazing recipes
  • Plans designed for you and your lifestyle
  • Weekly check-ins and updates
  • Plans updated each month
  • Monthly subscription (auto renew)
  • Cancel anytime


£ 400Per Month
  •  Weekly one to one Skype sessions   
  •  Fully custom training plan by David
  •  Unlimited Email support from David
  •  Custom meal plan and macros, amazing recipes
  •  Plans designed for you and your lifestyle
  •  Weekly check-ins and updates
  •  Plans updated each month
  •  Monthly subscription (auto renew)
  •  Cancel anytime


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