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Results matter

Robert’s Story

A 6 pack in 12 weeks- Seriously, David Kingsbury will change your life!

I was heading towards 40 and I had outgrown my favourite clothes due to an unwanted stomach appearing. I considered myself as pretty fit; I went to the gym, boxed and did a bit of running, my weight was relatively stable but I just couldn’t seem to shift the unwanted gut. My diet was ok but as a real food lover I ate out at restaurants a lot. I certainly would not have classed myself as hugely overweight but equally I wasn’t comfortable with my shirt off as my muscle and definition had dropped and I was definitely rounder than I wanted to be.

I decided that I wasn’t going to allow myself to get any bigger and I was going to make a commitment to make a considerable change to my physique. I had previously seen online that David Kingsbury had built Hugh Jackman’s physique for the Wolverine role. I figured that if I was going to make a commitment I wanted to go straight to the best and find someone who could evidence their results.

I was 14 stone 3lbs at week zero and now at week 11 I am nearly 2 stone lighter at 12 stone 7lbs, my waistline has dropped at least a few inches (I’ve had to put extra holes in my belt) and I am back in slim fit shirts.

Evan’s Story

The biggest surprise to me was how little I actually had to train and how good the food recipes were. I started craving healthy meals and I didn’t overtrain unnecessarily and burn myself out.

Results and a clear goal. It was about 6 weeks before I really started to see progress that I personally felt was significant. But when I did and people noticed, I was hooked. I pushed harder and harder. It’s hard because those first 5 weeks took grit and a whole of faith because I didn’t see instant results. My goal/my why is what got me through those first 5 weeks.

I remember thinking… Is this really me? I would stand relaxed in front of the mirror staring at my six pack and say to myself… “This is crazy.” It wasn’t really a vanity thing. It was pride in a job well done.