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The reason natural bodybuilders, actors and athletes can get amazing results in a small amount of time is they know that traditional workouts are not optimum. They follow the scientific research and are training with a higher muscle training frequency with optimum sets, reps, load and movements. 

It doesn’t take hours in the gym each week for this either, you can maximise your training with as little as 180 minutes per week. 

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The higher your body fat percentage, the less effective your insulin, and the more your body wants to store food as fat. 

When you drop body fat and build lean muscle you boost your metabolic rate and improve your hormonal response to training and nutrition, meaning you will burn more, build more and watch the stubborn fat cells melt away. 


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There’s a way you can lose fat and build muscle simultaneously with strategic nutritional planning and training structure partnered in a very specific way. Most people simply will never be able to achieve these kinds of results as their training and nutrition are not optimized. 

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It’s pointless trying to eat for your body goals if you hate what’s on the menu. I’ll calculate your needs and then optimise your macros and meals to work in tandem with the workout programme, maximising your results.


I will learn about your lifestyle, goals and training history, so I can create your personal plan. Your plan is results driven and research-backed to ensure you reach your goals. It will fit comfortably into your lifestyle to create a personal, realistic training and meal plan that works with your schedule.   



I’ll never leave you high and dry. What makes my online training different is you’ll always have me in your corner. I’ll support, guide and keep you on track towards your goal. You won’t lose motivation because you’ll have weekly feedback to ensure the progress you’re making is optimal at all times

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