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Have you ever struggled to build muscle?

Have you ever struggled to build muscle? You may have seen celebrity or online transformation pictures and figured there must be something holding you back… What is your disadvantage? Is it your genetics or is it something you have FULL control of?

The secret to building muscle isn’t advanced genetics or being a certain body type, it’s a systematic, step by step blueprint that anyone can recreate.

Whether you consider yourself an ectomorph, hard gainer or have just struggled to add lean muscle you can stop doubting your potential and start believing in the results you will achieve.


“Whether it be The Wolverine, X-Men, Assassins Creed or The Huntsman, to name a few, I have been hired in for expertise and my reputation for serious results. ”

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science of muscle gain

The techniques in this system have nothing to do with expensive personal trainers, private chefs or crazy supplement plans. They focus on the science of muscle gain and the structure to achieve gains week after week, month after month.

This plan will guide you through exactly what you need to do, step by step. It covers everything needed! Receive varying and adapting weekly and monthly training schedules, systems that calculate what weight you need to be lifting to progress and a full food plan, calculated to you are your goals.

So why believe me?

I have trained the biggest names in Hollywood on some of biggest superhero films ever made. Unlike most trainers out there who talk a big game I have actually been there and done it.

From The Wolverine and X-Men to Assassins Creed and The Huntsman, to name a few, I have been hired for my expertise and reputation for serious, consistent results.

Whether you want bigger legs, chest, back or arms, building muscle takes careful planning with your training and a meal plan that is the correct calories and macros for you and your body type.

Mutant Muscle covers everything you need for enviable muscle gain and we will support you every step of the way.

The detail

How does it work?

Mutant muscle is my best ever muscle gaining system that delivers amazing transformations. Your training AND nutrition are optimized to deliver fast and effective results. Each month you will receive a new training guide and your meal plan recipes will be recalculated to keep you on the path to success.

How does the training work?

Get instant access to a world class training guide that will deliver a serious return on the time you invest. Each session is optimized to make sure you get the very most out of every set and rep. Each month you will get access to a new guide to break plateaus and keep you improving week after week month after month.

How does the food work?

The custom approach to nutrition ensures your energy is balanced to correctly to provide fantastic results. Using an innovative system you can balance your energy expenditure with intake on a weekly basis to make sure you are always on the right track. You will receive hundreds of recipes all calculated to your calories and optimized to the best macro breakdown to ensure you get the results you want. The recipes in BetterSelf are designed to be delicious, easy to make and highly effective! Enjoy them in the knowledge they are tailored to you and your goals.

What are people asking?


Easily track progress using the BetterSelf picture uploader and weight tracker. As you progress you also add your updated details to the system to get updated calorie recipes.
You can start right away, the guide is ready and waiting for you to get started. The meal plan is also available as soon as you fill out the initial questions.
Mutant Muscle is a gym based routine and you will need access to free weights.
The training is built around 4 days of weights in the gym. This is the minimum training required. Cardio can be added as part of your training and your recipes will all adjust based on the level of activity you are able to do.
New recipes are added every week to give you extra variety when selecting the meals you want to eat.
You will have access to a new training guide every month. As well as having access to the Mutant Muscle guides you will also be able to access other training guides should your goals change at any time.
There are two levels of training guide available every month, so no matter your level there will be a guide for your ability.

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  • The ultimate Muscle Building Guide
  • Training plan for different levels
  • Resistance training optimised for complete muscle gain
  • New muscle building guide every month for continuous progress
  • Full meal plan
  • Every recipe calculated to ensure you achieve muscle gain
  • Optimised macros
  • 100’s of delicious recipes
  • Adjust your calories based on activity levels on a weekly basis
  • Weight calculator to make sure you are lifting the right weights
  • Only basic gym kit needed
  • Receive your plan immediately
  • Monthly subscription – cancel any time