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Being aware of what drives you towards those daily habits and the core reasons as to why you do it, can be a way to either start with new, positive habits that will improve your lifestyle or even get rid of negative habits that might be holding you back from achieving your goals.

Our initial reasons for changing parts of our lifestyle are often grounded in rational and uncertain long-term outcomes, for instance losing weight for aesthetics or to reduce health risks.

In order to achieve sustained weight loss through long-term behaviour change, we have to understand maintenance motives.

Behaviour tends to be initiated by logical and long-term consequences. Someone may start to cut out fatty foods because they’re overweight and think that they ought to reduce their risk of having a heart attack. However, trying to avoid a negative health consequence is generally considered inadequate in terms of continuing to perform a new behaviour. In order to increase the likelihood of behaviour maintenance, actions with immediate and positive emotional outcomes are more effective.

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