Hall of Fame


Chris Pixely

I am 37 years of age and I've been weight training since I was 21 years old. Until working with David, I was the only coach that I had ever had. Like so many people the internet had become my "black hole" of training information. Having David come on board put an end to all of that, as he really simplified everything for me. People still can't believe when I tell them that David Kingsbury, trainer to Hugh Jackman, helped me...its been pretty cool. I recommend David all of the time and he'll be the only guy I go to in the future Chris is currently on the mutant plan

Michael Fassbender

David trained me for 3 months leading up to the start of shooting on Assassins Creed and continued to put me through my paces during production. His combination of high intensity training, weights and a targeted nutritional plan provided incredible results and he was always on hand for advice and training sessions. David is knowledgable on every aspect of training and knows how to prepare you body for a role in the safest and most efficient way possible. His expertise is unrivalled and the results speak for themselves.



Ariane Labed

David knows how to make you reach your goals with fun and support. He is with you and never against you. He is just the best!

Hugh Jackman

"David is one of the best trainers I have worked with. The demands for me on Les Miserables were the toughest I have encountered as I had two distinct looks in the one movie. And quite simply he got me into the best shape of my life. Not only as a trainer but he was totally in charge of my diet as well, even down to the recipes. He is a one stop shop, and the fact his studio is on the lot, meant that he was available at all times whilst we were shooting. I could not have achieved what I did without him. Thanks David




"Thanks so much for helping me on my way to total health! I am really pleased with the results so far. This is really the best I have felt in 15 years despite always being very committed to fitness through those years. Your plan has really helped me maximise how I use my workout time, and I am finally attaining the kind of results I have always wanted. Seeing that before picture again is a bit...scary:) I look forward to continuing on the journey!"



"Before I started working with David I had been trying a lot different plans and weight-lifting strategies and mostly had to rely on my gut and intuition to customize these plans to my schedule and needs and although I was making some small progress I never really felt comfortable and I was never able to get the look I wanted. As i started working with David, he was instantly able to find the perfect balance for me and customized my plans every step of the way to guarantee the most progress and the best results. Within the first few weeks I started to improve on long-standing personal records. From that point on he never ceased to surprise, support and challenge me. He made sure that I would finally achieve what I once thought was impossible and helped me to push myself to the limit. Now, years after I started working out, and even though I am older, I am in the shape of my life! He is the absolute best and I can't imagine working with anyone else. David, again big thanks to you... and I can't wait for the next challenges and to improve even further ;)"



Jay Culhane

"I have immensely enjoyed working with David over the past 12 weeks. His professionalism and personal touch have made working through his training and nutrition programs a real joy. I have recently finished an online body transformation challenge and without David's guidance and support I know I would not have achieved the amazing results I have.

He is a true craftsman and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. I look forward to working with David as I continue on my fitness journey and could not rate David's service's to anyone more highly!"


"Twelve years ago my life changed dramatically after a bad car accident, in which I lost almost my left leg. Physical difficulties had led me to completely abandon sport activity, but last year I decided to start to train. In December 2015 I heard about David reading of his outstanding achievements in the preparation of famous people and star of cinema, most of all the legendary Hugh Jackman (I'm a big fan!). I complimented him in a online post, and I briefly explained my story. David has offered to help me and I accepted. David has prepared me a 12-week program including both workouts and foods.

During the preparation, very well balanced, we communicate several times during weeks for updates, questions and any other kind of doubt. David was always there, always close to me and he has always answered me with incredible speed. I have achieved very good results, loosing more than 8kg of weight and gaining strength and muscle mass. Progress, as well as aesthetic, it reflected in the quality of everyday life, my fatigue strength has improved significantly, it is fantastic. I did not think I could do so much in just 12 weeks, with work and a family! David is truly an exceptional coach as well as a great person and a friend. Thank you so much."




"My story started October 1st of last year. When I started I weighed 416 lbs at only 21 years old. I started by running with my cousin, John. Because I was so out of shape, we would run for 15 seconds and walk for 45 seconds. We did this for a month and a half and, in that time, I dropped 20 lbs. But running for me was miserable, so my cousin convinced me to start working out with him. He found www.davidkingsbury.co.uk and loved the workouts, so he got me to do it with him. I have been doing it with him ever since. After a month, we started doing cardio after the workout too. Then, another month later, we started timing our rest. Somewhere in there, I took a hard look at my diet and realised I was eating awful things. David's guidance on food and food-timing helped take it all to the next level for me. Doing all that helped me to lose 20 lbs a month for 9 months!

I am happy to say that my squat max has gone from 290 to 340lb. My bench max has gone from 155 to 215lb and my deadlift has gone from 345 to 405lb.I am now able to do an unassisted dip, a diamond push -up and bodyweight rows; all which I couldn't do when I first started.

Again, thank you so much for the workout. It has changed my life and I don't know if I would be where I am at without it.

Forever grateful, Thomas"

Before training with David, I have used many popular training programs from bodybuilding to HIIT. The results from these training programs were insufficient, I was making progress, but the progress, were very little and I was losing a lot of muscle mass during the process. Since I started training with David, I have noticed an incredible increase in strength and mobility. The tips and suggestion that he was giving during the training weeks was the most helpful thing during my workouts. The meal plans, and the supplementation plans were specifically customized for me, and so easy to follow. I could not lower my body fat below 12, but with his help I was able to go below 10%, and do not feel tired and hungry at all. He is the best trainer I have ever trained with, and I plan to continue training with him for the next 13 years.




All I can say is that David Kingsbury's Personal Online training really works, as you can see from my photos. The meal and training plans are customized for you and not some generic plan. The plans are very detailed and easy to follow. David is very prompt and courteous and answer's all your questions. The results are dramatic and rapid, no matter what your goal is. I went from 215 pounds 25% body fat to 185 pounds just under 9% percent body fat in less than 6 months! It really did change my life for the better, I live the fit lifestyle now and always will, thanks to David Kingsbury. If you're looking for proven results and excellent service then David Kingsbury's online personal training is for you. No matter where you are in the world, David delivers! Online training is the future!


Gary worked with me for 12 weeks to drop body fat and maintain muscle. We worked in detail on every aspect of health and nutrition to ensure maximum results. Gary worked incredibly hard to achieve these results in the time given "David's knowledge, motivation and support are second to none for getting results"