Good Food Fat Loss Guide

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The good food fat loss guide

I have been a personal trainer for over a decade now. I have worked with some of the biggest stars on the biggest film productions and thousands of online clients over the years. The number one lesson I have learnt is that food is the hard part. Sticking to way of eating that delivers results but also meets your desires whilst keeping you on track is hard.

But luckily for everyone I love fitness, but I love food more. I have never been the kind of person to sacrifice flavour and enjoying my food for results. This is a sacrifice I don't believe you need to make to transform your body. But in order to achieve results there are several things that you do have to do. These things are essential for achieving your dream look.




Goal specific calories.

Your calories need to be correct for your goals. Whether you are looking to add muscle, drop fat or just get healthy, you have to be selecting the right calories for the job.

Within the good food fat loss guide I cover how you can calculate these calories to make sure your results are not left to chance.




Individualised macro breakdown

Different people have different demands for energy, calories and macro nutrients. I believe in personalising the macros of the foods to work in synergy with your body and your goals. Macros are what your food is made up of and are categorised as fats, proteins and carbs. Foods overlap these 3 categories, so creating the optimum menu is really a balancing act.


Enjoy your food

If you hate the food you are eating or are eating too little it will open, you up to cravings and make a healthy lifestyle much more challenging. I don't believe in cutting all the foods you enjoy, I prefer to focus on working with your favourite foods with a healthy twist.




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