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Many of us spend years and years trying new diets and exercise routines, to drop that extra body fat, and get toned with little or no luck. We yoyo up and down and ride the diet rollercoaster but struggle to find something that works for us.

Here’s the thing – it can be incredibly hard, to get trim and toned if you are unsure of what to eat, what to do in the gym and how to maximize results, but it DOESN’T have to be this way for you.

our struggle can stop now!

If you’ve tried diet books, followed the latest fitness trends or even online plans then you have upheld you end of the bargain, so a huge well done! But are they solving your individual struggles and providing to your individual needs? Are they upholding their side?

There isn’t a one size fits all approach, we all have different goals, lifestyles and needs. How you eat and exercise should always reflect this!


“Getting started is so simple, with easy to follow guides and videos of every movement. Designed for women of all abilities who want to get fit, burn fat and build lean muscle.”

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If you have visited the cinema in the past 6 years or seen your favorite celebrities on the red carpet, then you have seen my work. My career has been based behind the scenes working on the biggest films, with the best-known stars. I may be best known for my superhero sculpting on films like “The Wolverine” and “X-Men” but I have worked with dozens of leading ladies, from Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried to Jessica Chastain and Rebecca Ferguson. I am trusted in one of the most demanding industries to deliver on time every time, and I believe, in fact I know, that you too can achieve amazing results.

The Shape&Tone pack is an industry leading fat loss product that delivers amazing results. Everything is covered to focus on exactly what you need to achieve your goals. Once you join my Shape&Tone guides and custom meal plan, you will immediately see WHY it is working so well for hundreds of women worldwide. Your account, meal plan and guides are comprehensive with exercise and food designed to deliver changes fast, everything you need is covered and provided in an easy to use format.

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Your support

We support you every step of the way. BetterSelf provides customer support from a qualified personal trainer at the Kingsbury Fitness HQ. If you need help choosing your training guides, setting your goals or just planning your week then we are here for you.

Also discover the power of the #teamkingsbury community with thousands of like-minded people, supporting, guiding and providing accountability.

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You can start right away, the guide is ready and waiting for you to get started. The nutrition is also available as soon as you fill out the initial questions.
Shape & Tone has the provides the option to train at home or train at gym. You can also mix and match home and gym based sessions depending on your schedule.
The training is built around 3 or 4 days of bodyweight/resistance training. This is the minimum training required. Cardio can be added as part of your guide and your recipes will all adjust based on the level of activity you are able to do.
New recipes are added every week to give you extra variety when selecting the meals you want to eat.
You will have access to a new training guide every month. As well as having access to the Shape & Tone guides you will also be able to access other training guides should your goals change at any time.
There are two levels of training guide available every month, so no matter your level there will be a guide for your ability.

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  • The Shape&Tone plan
  • Training plan for different levels
  • Resistance training optimised for fat loss and muscle maintenance
  • New fat loss plan every month for continuous progress
  • Full meal plan
  • Every recipe calculated to ensure you achieve fat loss
  • Optimised macros
  • 100’s of delicious recipes
  • Adjust your calories based on activity levels on a weekly basis
  • Weight calculator to make sure you are lifting the right weights
  • Only basic gym kit needed
  • Receive your plan immediately
  • Monthly subscription – cancel any time