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50 Club Friday is here and I have something very special to give you.

If you have ever tried any of my 50 club Friday workouts you will know just how effective they are!


If you are new to this training then welcome! 50 Club is a tough resistance training format that delivers amazing results.

I have used these workouts as part of training for as long as I can remember and members of 50 Club include some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

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How 50 Club works

You pick a weight you can lift 12 times for the first set.

You take it in turns to reach 50 reps in as many sets as it takes.

Your rest is while your partner works, and absolutely no more!! (or 35 second if you are training by yourself)

A few simple rules

You do your maximum number of reps on each set.

If you reach more than 12 on the first set, it only counts as 12 and
you have to increase the weight.

If you don't reach 12 make slightly lighter of the next set.

The weight should never be decreased (apart from if set one doesn't reach 12) even if towards the end you are down to threes and fours.

Why Use  50 Club

Typically, I use this format of training once per week paired with a full custom training and nutrition plan.

In order to train effectively your schedule has to be balanced and goal focussed so if you need any additional support with your training and nutrition let me know.

To find out more information on what you get as part of my online personal training and nutrition plans click here

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