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Beyond vs BetterSelf

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What is Beyond!

Fitness is an incredibly personal experience. We all start a journey towards a fitter, healthier version of ourselves from a different place. Not only that, we’re all heading somewhere different and the road that the journey takes will be unique to each and every one of us. None of us fit the same mould and nor should we.

For some people, fitness is a part of life, for others, it only becomes a priority for a short period of time to suit their needs. There’s nothing wrong with either of those outlooks, nor anyone who might find themselves anywhere in between.

This individual ethos is exactly what prompted me to develop the Beyond program. If you need a short-term fix for long-term gains, then Beyond is for you.

Whether you’re wanting to spend three months getting into the best shape of your life to show off on your next summer holiday, lose weight to look amazing for a family occasion or do it to raise money for charity with a feat of sporting endurance, the Beyond plan is for you

Beyond is a revolution in online personal training. I have offered online training for a number of years and what Beyond brings is the ultimate remote fitness experience.

My online members have achieved amazing results with my previous systems, but the Beyond platform allows me to bring so much more to a greater number of people. It encapsulates everything I have learned in my time as a PT and has been developed to deliver results with all the improvements I have been working on.

Having worked with several thousand people I know what it takes for my clients to achieve results and stay on track; Beyond brings this all together.

As part of the development of online coaching I have completely redesigned and enhanced the questionnaire to make it even more personalised. This enables me to make the plan even more focused on you and your results. You will now share more information about your goals that will allow me to create the very best plan possible for you.

The development and evolution of the Beyond plan is constant. I have been incorporating new and incredibly effect training techniques over the past year and Beyond gives the ability to be able to deliver these in new and exciting ways.

For you, this means even more efficient and results driven training that goes beyond even Beyond! Your custom training adapts and reacts to feedback, progress and goals with me personally guiding you every step of the way.

We all love our training, but the key to amazing results is the personalisation of your nutrition. In order reach your goals you need to a well calculated plan that is customised to you, your goals and your needs. You also need to be able to follow it with consistency. Beyond covers both of these things and more.

I personally assess your needs, based on your questionnaire and determine your optimum calories and macros. Now comes the clever part! I deliver amazing recipes that are all perfectly set to fit your exact calories and macros. The real plus with Beyond is that I will add new recipes every week to try. You can trust in the fact they are calculated exactly for your needs.

Whilst your journey to a fitter, healthier, stronger you is a journey you take, you’re not on your own. In order to be successful we all need support. Going at this alone can be a far more challenging task, but I can help you through.

Beyond gives you a fully supported service. Each week you complete detailed reviews covering all aspects of your plan and progress. Your training and nutrition can then be adapted as often as needed to ensure continued results. Your results are what drive me and are the power behind the Beyond program.

My online coaching has developed to where it is today because I believe we can all achieve amazing results. Every positive message, success story or transformation I have received has motivated me to up my game, to go Beyond!.

You’ll be amazed at what we can achieve in 12 weeks. Get ready. Go Beyond. 

What is BetterSelf?

Fitness, like life, is a journey. For some it’s only a small part of their life, but for others, the need to stay fit, healthy and maintain an active lifestyle means so much more. Whether it’s for your own wellbeing, to help bring up your family or if it’s part of your job, fitness is a cornerstone of our lives.

BetterSelf has been designed to fit into that journey and accompany you every step of the way. Simply put, BetterSelf is a monthly subscription plan designed around you and your results. It has been designed to mould around you and becomes as personal and unique to you as your own journey through life is.

I have developed BetterSelf using my years of experience and industry leading results. It provides a nutrition system that assesses you and your objectives to tailor amazing recipes perfectly for what you want. Simply add your details and BetterSelf does the rest!

We all have enough to do in lives that are as hectic as they are wonderful. You don’t need anything more to think about and BetterSelf delivers that.

Calculating and planning your own food can be a nightmare! Don't leave your success to chance when your progress, even your own health and fitness, depends on it.

Not only are the recipes calculated to your goals, but the menu ensures constant progress as each month you complete a progress and goal questionnaire. The answers received are then cleverly put into action; altering your calories, macros and even menu’s, as and when needed. These changes will ensure you progress each month and that you will achieve amazing results no matter your goal. As life takes a turn, BetterSelf will adapt dynamically to your changing lifestyle without missing a beat.

You’ll receive hundreds of varied recipes throughout your BetterSelf journey with new food added weekly. Each and every meal in BetterSelf will take you one step closer to your goals. You simply choose from the amazing recipes to pick your favourites!!

The fact that it’s a rolling plan, means that changes in your lifestyle throughout the year can be catered for. Want to bulk up for the summer, we can do that. If you want to slim down for the New Year, BetterSelf has you covered. If want to let yourself go a little at Christmas, we can do that too! It’s a ongoing plan that never stops you achieving what you want.

BetterSelf also provides training guides, with each exercise carefully designed by me, for you. There are a wide selection of individual workout guides you can choose from to help you achieve your results in a way that suits your abilities and time.

Whether its HIIT, lower body focus or a big arm guide, you can challenge yourself to succeed no matter what.

You select your goals, add your details and BetterSelf will help you achieve more. Start today with amazing training guides and food you’ll love and you’ll never look back…. unless it’s to ask yourself why you didn’t start sooner! Get a better you. Get BetterSelf. 

Which is Best for Me?

Decision, decisions! Deciding which product  is best for you is a very individual thing. What suits one person, may not suit another, and that’s absolutely how it should be. Only you know what your life looks like and how the programs will fit.

We live in the real world and few of us have the time we want to do the things we want to do, so choosing the right plan that will work around that is key.

There are a number of things worth considering if you cannot decide.


  • Beyond is 12 weeks (with the option to extend) whereas BetterSelf can be done for as little as one month (or can be used indefinitely).


  • Beyond is £299 for 12 weeks, whilst BetterSelf is only £40 per month.


  • I design all the training plans for each and every person on Beyond.
  • The BetterSelf guides are self service; i.e. they are flexible and you can adjust as you wish.


  • Whilst both systems provide calorie and macro-calculated recipes, Beyond offers extra support and feedback to adjust these based on your contact with me.


  • Beyond is a fully supported system, I will support you every step of the way. BetterSelf support is a FAQ section and an extensive information database.
  • Both plans provide support thanks to the #TeamKingsbury online community. If you need a boost, they’re all there for you.

Now you have a serious choice to make Do you sign up for Beyond and have an incredibly 12 weeks or ingrain fitness into your life month in, month out with BetterSelf? Maybe you start with Beyond, then switch to BetterSelf longer-term. It’s a win-win for you, which ever path you choose. Fitness should be part of everyone’s life and now it can be in a way that suits you.

Whichever you choose, you can expect an experience that will change your life forever…