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Government Reducing Calories

Last month the government unveiled plans to cut 20% of calories in many popular foods by 2024. This is part of a wider plan by the government to tackle serious health problems in our country, not least of all being obesity.

Goal Setting & Choosing Your Goals

Why do we need to set goals? They give you a clear target. It’s progress can be measured and tracked if you know what your focus is. It makes you less. likely to give up early

Calories in Review

You might have seen an article in the paper last month claiming that a third of UK adults underestimate their calorie intake. Is this true, and is it a problem?

Does counting calories work?

Firstly the real question with any way of eating is can you make it work. Can you stick to it long term and would you even want to?

Big News Time!

Over the past year I have been working hard behind the scenes on something I know you will love! I am super proud to announce my first book "Fitter Faster" published with Orion books, which is available to pre-order now and released 3rd of May 2018.