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There’s nothing wrong with ‘hard work’ but working hard on the wrong thing can lead to little or no progress. With so much mixed up information out there it is easy to see why we are confused about our goals and what we need to do to reach them.

My job is to break it all down for you, to create you a truly custom plan which focuses on you, your goals, lifestyle, available time and ability.

I focus on you as an individual to instantly optimise your training and effectively balance your energy to maximise your results. Get amazing results in less time and make sure your hard work is fully rewarded with Beyond.


Everything you need


the right plan for you


We all have aspirations and goals but understanding the methods required to get there may take years of trial and error to master. Most people I talk with have tried dozens of training routines and diets seeing little in the way of progress for the hard work they have put in. They train hard, eat well but don’t get the results they deserve. This can be incredibly frustrating and demotivating.

If you continually strive to look and feel your best and want to change your body, improve your health and actually enjoy the process, then its time to take the guess work out. Its time to make sure your training and nutrition are geared towards your goals!

Using the same techniques as I did with over 50 of top actors and actresses in Hollywood I have created a system that has transformed the bodies and lives of thousands of people.


Beyond imagination

“No two plans are the same!”


The workouts in Beyond are your workouts, no two plans are the same. I design each plan to be optimized for you and your goals. I look at every aspect of your body, and ability when creating your perfect plan. You will know exactly what to do every time you work out or go to the gym, and exactly how to do it.

You will no longer have to rely on luck or chance, no more missed steps or wasted ses-sions. Your training is built for you and designed to lead you to your results in a fun and effective way.


The meals in Beyond are your meals. Knowing what to eat and when to eat can be the difference between success and failure. We should all eat healthy but sometimes we’re not sure how much to eat or what each meal should be made up of, especially when training.

Using Beyond every recipe and meal you eat is calculated for your exact calories and op-timal macros. Learn to enjoy your food in the knowledge it is helping you get closer to your goals and leave the worry at the door.

What are people asking?


From the moment you sign up to Beyond you will receive an email from me, this will direct you to your first questionnaire page. From the information I receive here I can start to piece together your personalised plan.
After the initial plan design and communication, every week you have to submit feedback to me through your very own account page on the site. This weekly feedback and support will ensure you stay on the path to success. 
No two people are the same and neither are Beyond plans. Both your training and nutrition are unique to you and your goals. Every aspect of the plan is carefully put together to ensure you have every possible resource to make amazing progress. 
As well as weekly feedback there is a more comprehensive review every 4 week. This review allows me to see how you are progressing and what changes may need to be made to maximize your next 4 week block. 
As it is a fully custom plan there are no requirements for equipment, I can build the plan around what you have access to. Certain goals may require access to equipment but if a full gym isn't possible for you I can still make your plan work. 
You don't have to train every day to achieve amazing results. The plan will work around how much time you have. I will provide guidelines for optimum training frequency, but the plan will work to the schedule that your lifestyle allows. 
All the movements on the plan have video tutorials so you can see exactly how it should be done. If you are ever unsure of a movement you can send a video of you performing for critiquing. 
The only thing left to buy after you sign up is the ingredients to create the delicious recipes. You will learn to cook and prep in a hugely cost effective way and get results you didn't think possible with food that tastes amazing. Supplements and gym memberships are an optional additional cost if you choose to use them, but they are not essential. 
You will receive your plan within 3-4 working days from completing your virtual questionnaire. This time allows me to work on your plan and ask you any additional questions.

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  • Supported online training and nutrition plan
  • Beyond is a fully custom plan and will work for anyone
  • Adjusted weekly (if needed)
  • Every training session and plan is designed for you and your ability
  • Calories, macros and recipes calculated and selected for you by David
  • Immediate contact and ongoing support from David
  • Weekly check-ins and feedback, monthly reviews and regular adaptations.
  • Training designed to fit your schedule
  • 100’s of delicious recipes calculated for you
  • New recipes added every week
  • Exercises selected based on ability, preference & access to equipment