I started online training to help people realise their potential. With the press exposure I got working on films like “The Wolverine”
I was inundated with questions from people and enquires for advice, support and guidance.

Your Advantage

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to health and fitness, I therefore wanted to provide a personalised approach to results.

The online coaching I offer today is the result of over a decade of experience training people and 5 years coaching online. Every feature has been created to give you the edge and ensure you achieve your results quickly and efficiently.

Online PT results and tracking

Results tracking

People don’t sign up for systems and expertise they sign up for results. We all have goals and reasons for wanting to achieve them. Tracking progress is one of the most important parts of online coaching. The results tracking gives me the insight I need to make adjustments and set new goals.

Online PT support and check-ins


Weekly check-ins are structured to help results and create accountability. Each week you complete a detailed review of the previous week that assesses the factors that determine your results. From this I can build a approach to overcoming your biggest challenges and maximising every aspect of your training formula.

Training plan updates and changes


After you sign up to the plan and complete your questionnaire I create the first phase of your training and nutrition. The plan isn’t fixed however, I adapt and alter the plan when needed based on progress, available time and shifts in goals. The main plan changes come from a monthly in depth review, but we are in constant communication so any issues and plan adaptations I can make quickly.



Hundreds of amazing recipes all calorie calculated and macro optimised for you and your goals. Healthy eating is important but eating for your goals is the crucial factor.

I provide you a meal plan that is just right for you with simple and delicious recipes, from no cook deli boxes, batch cook essentials to recipes for those that love to cook, you get it all.


Weekly meal plan

Select the meals you love, save them, print them and follow them. Each and every recipe is calculated exactly for you, this gives you the flexibility to select your favourite meals and enjoy them in the knowledge that they are aiding your progress. I will add new recipes to your plan every week so you can try new options but also stick with your favourites.

Detailed daily training schedule

Receive your very own training plan, hand built by me. The workouts in Beyond are your workouts, no two plans are the same. I design each plan to be optimised for you and your goals. I look at every aspect of your body and ability when creating your perfect plan. You will know exactly what to do every time you work out or go to the gym, and exactly how to do it.

Cardio plans

Your goals, available time and preferences determine how your training is distributed. The good news is you don’t need hours and hours of intense exercise to achieve your goals. Cardio with carefully selected intensity (HIIT and or LISS) will only compliment a well-designed resistance plan. Your cardio plan will be designed to work along side your nutrition and resistance training schedule to achieve results in the most efficient and time effective way.

Personalised supplement plan

As part of your coaching package you will receive supplement recommendations to compliment your nutrition. These will be selected and designed with you and your goals in mind. Supplements are not an essential feature with any plan so the option is there to use them or not, either way you will be sure to see amazing results.

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£ 125Per Month
  • Fully custom training plan by David
  •  Unlimited Email support from David
  • Custom meal plan and macros, amazing recipes
  • Plans designed for you and your lifestyle
  • Weekly check-ins and updates
  • Plans updated each month
  • Monthly subscription (auto renew)
  • Cancel anytime


£ 400Per Month
  •  Weekly one to one Skype sessions   
  •  Fully custom training plan by David
  •  Unlimited Email support from David
  •  Custom meal plan and macros, amazing recipes
  •  Plans designed for you and your lifestyle
  •  Weekly check-ins and updates
  •  Plans updated each month
  •  Monthly subscription (auto renew)
  •  Cancel anytime


Take a peek inside the system and see what you get as part of your plan, from the training guides to recipes and food calendar. 

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questions and answers to help you decide
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