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Some of my film projects

Build a lean muscular physique with my all-in-one training and nutrition community.

  • Monthly progressive weight training program to burn fat while building muscle
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Here’s What You Get Inside SuperHero Squad

NEW Superhero Workout Plans Updated Every Month

No longer bouncing around the gym or guessing what workouts to do.

Now all you have to do is “show up” and I’ll show you exactly which muscle movements to perform to unlock amazing progress.

You’ll get the exact blueprint for rapid muscle gain and fat loss.

Super Hero Kitchen Monthly Meal Plans Designed To Fit Your Specific Goal

200+ recipes calculated to fit your specific goals.

50+ snacks you can steal to get you through the day.

New recipes every month to fit your needs so you can eat like a King while feeding your muscles without gaining counter-productive belly fat.

Weekly Coaching Access With David Kingsbury

At least once per week I will host a LIVE coaching call for the heroes. You can also ask personalised questions in the Facebook community so you never feel like you’re alone in the process.

In addition I will post exercise tutorials, get members to submit “form check” videos for coaching and offer weekly challenges for accountability

Join The Brotherhood of Superheroes

You’ll have access to the private Superhero Squad Facebook Group where we share our workouts, progress, challenges, contribute meal ideas and support each other along this journey to becoming Superhuman. This is the motivation you need to stick with it and sculpt your own Superhuman Body.

About me

‘m the man behind some of the biggest filrms of the past decades, helping celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth acheive super hero status.

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